Lavender Blue

Located next door to Maison Giraud is Lavender Blue, a unique boutique owned by Alain's wife, Catherine Giraud.  Along with Maison Giraud, they form a French center at the corner of Swarthmore Avenue in the Pacific Palisades.

Lavender Blue was created in 1995 when Catherine began importing home accents and accessories from Provence, everything from tablecloths to lavender filled pillows and sachets.  Born and raised in France, Catherine returns every year searching for the best fabrics representative of the traditions of Provence.  In her collection, you will find Provençal laminated and cotton tablecloths, placemats, boutis, piqués (original high quality, thick cotton table spreads), baskets, soaps, lavender filled pillows, sachets, dishes and even a children's line.

The Lavender Blue retail shop opened doors in 2011 alongside Maison Giraud.  Many of the tablecloths and settings used in the restaurant come from the Lavender Blue selection.  Come dine at the restaurant and then visit the store.  Sundays are a great day to stop while also visiting the weekly Palisades Farmer's Market.