A place where you can find a nice espresso; a crispy croissant; a light and healthy lunch; a snack; an evening with friends - food and wine in a warm, inviting and casual space.  From the Sunday Farmer's Market to the regular week activities, Maison Giraud would like to become a part of your lifestyle. 

Farm to Table

Chef Alain Giraud spent his childhood in France watching his grandmother wake every morning to pick produce fresh before the sun rose.  Timing was important as the herbs and vegetables were still plump with morning dew. 

This was the environment he grew up in and it is this attention that he brings to Maison Giraud.  Every Wednesday he shops the offerings at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market and on Sundays he shops the Palisades Farmer's Market, planning the restaurant's offering according to what is in season - cherries in May, tomatoes in April - combining the best of French tradition with the best California has to offer.

Having spent years cooking with the seasons in Provence, Giraud maintains that California is similar to Provence in many ways, “I find it the perfect place to create Provencal-style food that is light and creative, with a sunny accent.”

Every Wednesday this creative process is on display as Giraud creates a menu from the offerings at the Santa Monica Farmer's Market.  Every week, he can be spotted walking the market with two large wicker baskets.  What he comes back will drive that night's menu.